Together We Get Better

CyberSchool.ie is an Irish owned and led educational company that specialises in aiding Irish educational entities with delivering Cyber Safety, Coding/Programming, and Bespoke TY Programmes to your students. We work for schools to provide them with resources that enable them to:

  • Embed ICT & Computer Science In The School’s Curriculum
  • Upskill Teachers In Coding & Cybersafety While In The Classroom
  • Provide Online Coding and Cybersafety Programmes
  • Exciting 21st Century TY Programmes
  • Provide Engaging, Project-Based “Active” Lessons
  • Link To STEM+A Objectives Throughout The Curriculum

All of our programmes are online digital lessons. Teachers need no experience in these areas. We have developed a teacher-friendly pause & play system for the primary and first to third-year students.

For Transition Year Students, in line with the department of education’s learning objectives, students within this area will undertake our self-directed learning programmes. All our programmes are online digital lessons.

We also offer our services to external bodies such as libraries, government bodies and societies.